The Gatsby Gangster Party

Bella dolls cover

After months of anticipation, it finally happened!

Inspired by The Great Gatsby film and the 1920’s style, the evolution of jazz, music, flapper culture, bootlegging and big parties, Tessabella & Co on 27th March 2014 presented….

“The Gatsby Gangster Party”

It was an amazing Gatsby Gangster Party! All the flappers and gangsters made this event a great success and a wonderful one. They were all glamorous and beautiful with their costume on and they really set the scene in 1920s style!

Thank you to all the performers, sponsors, photographers and for those who made their way and effort to come and see the show, for those who helped out behind the scenes and for those who made it all possible!

Performances by: Lady Lauryn, Crystal Boudoir & Bella Dolls

Here are some of the photos….                                                          Related link  click here
For more photos please visit facebook      To get invited to our upcoming events click here

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