Haydn JonesWe are all delighted that everyone had the best of their time last night at the Cerebral Cocktail Party. It was such a huge success and we thank each one of you for making this happened.

Whilst we were all drinking champagne, having a great time and raising fund last night, Sarah Jones was walking 10 peaks of the Lake District in the UK to raise fund for his son Haydn Jones…how inspiring!

To all our sponsors thank you for your support, generosity and donated prizes which allowed us to raise money on the night.

Thank you to The Bourbon Hotel for allowing us to have this prestigious event at your warm and sophisticated venue.

To all the performers, Seda Star, Go Dance, Sambase Ire, Anikiko, Marta Taylor, Kimberly Bear and Lauren Sampson….what can I say! You girls were amazing and beautiful last night. We couldn’t have done it without you!

To Tommy Ge, founder of Leatheron and Bellatrix Lee Vrondos, founder of Bella Trixia , thank you for showcasing your exclusive designs last night and thank you for the ongoing support to Tessabella & Co. I couldn’t thank you both enough for the encouragement, collaboration and help.

To all the beautiful models, you were all fabulous and fun to be with. I’m sure I missed out on a lot of fun backstage but all of you have it within you….shining in and out and spreading that light.

To all the makeup artist headed by Maricel Dionisio, thank you for looking after us. Your work was brilliant and it really matched the concept of the event.

To Nancy Trieu, Adele Meynet and Gabe Amor, you guys rocked the backstage! I really appreciated all your help with styling and coordinating the models and the event with me.

A special thanks to Boris Manitius and Glen Gante – these two were non-stop taking photos ensuring they capture every moment last night.

To Dj Gillray, who donated his evening making sure that all sounds and audio were perfect for this event…you rocked the house with all types of music that stopped everyone from going home, a big THANK YOU. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To Adriana Giometti, I couldn’t thank you enough for having the courage and confidence to be up there on stage, ensuring that all our guests were informed of all the activities.

To Kali Holmes, thank you for representing Michal Negrin and styling me with beautiful Michal Negrin dress and jewelleries. I loved them!

Lastly, a big thank you to Gareth Jones for always supporting and believing in me. Now that we are in full force, we will create more great events together.

To all our guests that donated and attended last night, a BIG thanks for a wonderful evening. Thank you for being part of this journey in making Haydn’s dream come true and this also goes out to those that have donated even though they couldn’t make it last night. For those I forgot to mention, you know who you are and I extend this gratitude with you.

For those who would like to continue to support Haydn Jones in aid of his after operation and treatment needs, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/Sarah-Jones79/.

Until next time, thank you for your ongoing support.

Winnie Lim

Click here to see photos!



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