Fashion Parte

Fashion Parte

Fashion Parte is a diverse event and fashion styling company that was established to assist women in helping them find their own personal style.

Fashion Parte aims to achieve this through personal fashion consulting, clothing, make up, beauty and fashion styling workshop events.

At Fashion Parte, they provide services not just for fashionistas, but for corporate organisations that need to bring out their business best features. By achieving professional image they offer a comprehensive image management coaching, life coaching and styling, customised according to the business specific objectives.

Fashion Parte has been successful with many events and workshops in Sydney which include the recent success of ‘Swap in the City’ held at the popular Sydney venue, Cruise Bar. A charity event that was in collaboration with Dress for Success, a well-known charity organisation that helps disadvantaged women get back into the work place and gain economic independence by providing professional attire to help them find jobs and remain employed. 


Fashion Parte is a one stop fashion consulting and styling for your own personal style to corporate style, a complete head to toe make over in accordance with your personality and lifestyle.

Fashion Parte has teamed up with us and will giveaway $180 personal styling voucher to be won at the Cerebral Cocktail Party, Saturday 14th June 2014.

For more information visit

Tessabella & Co


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