Sambase Ire


Sambase Ire is a dance entertainment company gathering an energetic group of dancers, musicians and artists who celebrate the many modern dance styles throughout the African Diaspora in South America and the Caribbean. Their mission is to create a fun and uplifting environment in which to explore the rhythms and beats of Brazil, Africa, the Caribbean and more.

Sambase Ire combines the power of dance with a positive spiritual energy. Ase is the power to make things happen and refers to the spiritual life force that flows through things and Ire is considered a blessing and all things positive being health, long life, prosperity and wisdom.

Sambase Ire promotes Brasilian culture through samba music and dance performances including Samba No Pé do Rio de Janeiro, Samba Reggae, Samba Axé, Afoxe Yemanja and Iansa, Maculele, Capoeira, Lambada and Forro.

Tessabella & Co

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