Seda Star

‘I am Seda, I am the dance’

Seda Star Book CoverSeda Star, the celebrity dancer from Australian TV who has appeared on Channel 10, has been dancing since childhood. She developed an international televised program called SEDADANCE BellyRobics with Aerobics OzStyle team. She has also created the “Belly Dancing for Baby” and “Aerobics OzStyle Belly Dance Fitness” DVD’s– to share fun and energizing ways to achieve good health through dance. She lives in Australia and travels around the world, dancing and teaching dance.

Through her passion of dancing and inspiration from  Dr John Demartini, Seda Star has now released her very first book taking you to her innate mind, body, spirit dance connection…a connection she calls the dance prayer, ‘I am Seda, I am the Dance’ (published by Balboa Press).

“Through this book of Seda Star, you can now be inspired, feel lighter and simply dance through life”- Dr John Demartini

Through her life story Seda Star will share the wisdom she received from her own spiritual journey. Trapped by the mundane, and overwhelmed by negative family experiences,at the end of each day, Star waited to be alone with her music and dance. Facing her loneliness, Star created Seda Dance, a freeform style of dance movement received from her highest self.

Star’s success as a dancer set her on a path toward spiritual freedom, self-discovery and joy. “By creating movement in my mind, I was able to release stuck patterns of negative thoughts” she said.

“To dance through my pain, through my challenges and through my life, I Am Seda , I Am the Dance!”

Her book offers readers easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance, giving them the tools of dance motivation, inspiration and empowerment. This book allows people to connect to their deeper self, heal their mind and body and find inner joy. Star promises the book will move readers’ minds and bodies, inspiring them to make fundamental changes to their lives and the world.

Through her book, you can access the power of Seda Dance and her dance prayer method towards physical, mental, and emotional wellness for a stronger and healthier YOU.

Seda PhotoSeda Star is proudly supporting the Tessabella & Co and she will be donating $5 towards Hadyn’s Charity for every book sold. She will also be performing a special dance to all our guests at Cerebral Cocktail Party.

If you would like more information about Seda Dance or you would like to meet her in person, please email Otherwise, come and join us at The Bourbon Hotel for meet and greet at our charity event, 14th June 2014.

To purchase her book visit

Tessabella & Co

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