Emma Pask- Season of my heart


Emma Pask- Season of my Heart

Emma Pask Photo

Emma Pask best known for her work with big bands and Australian artist James Morrison, has made the crowd feeling wonderful at her stage performance at Blue Beat, Double Bay launching her debut album on 5 December 2013 called, “Season of my heart”.

“Amazing voice, so controlled, velvety and the voice of an angel.  What an amazing singer” the audience proclaimed.

Emma Pask, who appeared on The Voice Season 2, recently married to a South American, Rodrigo Ocano. “This is my honeymoon everyone right here on the launch of my album, “Season of my heart” Emma announced.

Her calm velvety voice also stunned the audience when she sang “Feliz Navidad” in her angelic soft and cultivating version of this popular Christmas song. An audience commented….“this song is so charismatic, it makes me fall in love again”.

“Season of my heart” album is full of Emma’s favourite Christmas songs for the festive season. She also has co-written the song ‘Season of my heart’ with Ilan Kidron and Jonathan Zwartz. The album was recorded and mixed by Richard Lush at Studios 301 who was known to have participated in many of the recording sessions and was the leading producer for the Australian pop band ‘Sherbet’ who sang “Howzat’ in 1976 which hit the groups No.1 song in Australia and top 10 in the UK. Richard also spent many years working in Abbey Road Studios in England and worked on many of the “Beatles” albums.

Emma Pask’s album also features her tres amigos….Kevin Hunt on piano, Phillip Stack on bass and Tim Firth on drums and percussion – Incredible band!

The stunning No.1 Australian jazz singer will inspire you. Her album will bring some fabulous classical seasonal songs that will make you swing to the music, sing to some well-known tunes and rediscover a new laid-back and chilled out album.

“Season of my heart” is out now online and in stores…so why not offer this CD as a gift to share the Christmas cheer with your friends and family this Christmas.

Website: www.emmapask.com
FB:  www.facebook.com/emmapaskmusic

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